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ZETAS interrogate and then cut up to “La Guera Loca” or “Commander wera” with three women over the Gulf Cartel

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June 4, 2013

Video  strongest where butchers Z40 “La Guera Loca”, who also dismember a Zeta

El Blog del Narco or presents a video where ZETAS interrogate and then cut up to “La  Guera Loca” or “Commander wera” with three women over the Gulf Cartel. The right woman called himself “Commander Guera “or” Commander  Blondie “. They were interrogated and all were in some way related  to Jose Guadalupe Lopez “The Oyster” or “The Oyster”. Young girl on  the left was her niece. The woman says, “The Oyster” is his  brother. Girl second from the right was a ‘hawk’. And  “Comandante Guera” says his name is Yesenia Pacheco Rodríguez. He  says he was with “Commander Gallo”, a member of CDG by  Altamira.


“La Guera Loca” video dismember a zeta in 2011,  the video was uploaded by this blog who kills by the sword dies. La Guera Loca beheads a member of Los Zetas  By  popular demand, here is the video narco “La Guera Loca” an explicit display of  violence of Mexican drug cartels. This time the victim is a member  of Los Zetas operating and his captors gave him a fair treatment of extreme  brutality as might be expected of the posters. This member of Los  Zetas is decapitated by a blonde woman and then one of the executioners facial  skin removed with a cutter before completely mutilate.

The video for “La Guera Loca”  was originally posted by the Blog del Narco, a blog that dealt upload news about  the drug war in Mexico, but after receiving threats from various groups narco  Blog del Narco hill and was redirected to other domains, eventually reopened and  operating normally. I wonder if that means it has changed hands and  if now is directed from outside of Mexico where it is less threatened by the  traffickers. ‘s blonde receives instructions for the beheading of  one of the captors on doing the job. The woman starts using a  machete beheading is named by an unknown man as La Guera Loca and this is the  name as it is known to this video ever since. One of the captors  pronounced: “This is what happens to those who help Los Zetas” indicating that  the debtor was a member of Los Zetas operating or someone connected to them,  after the woman has finished the work one of men begin to remove the skin from  the decapitated head with a cutter, this is definitely a traumatic scene  especially if you’re not used to seeing this kind of images. The  video was recorded in an unknown location with a cell phone camera and since it  is at night, the quality is low, but the lack of quality is compensated  brutality. fucked There is no need for you to see this, but if you  insist the video this below. strong Video where four women  dismember Zetas Cartel Del Golfo


La Guera Loca Gulf  Cartel
native of Mazatlan, Sinaloa. La Guera Loca, active member of the CDG (Gulf Cartel) Began as a falcon in your state, years in business, was gaining the trust of  their employers, amounted to walk with the badass. Years Fighting  taken to San Fernando, Tamaulipas. participated in November 2012 in  a battle against the Navy in San Fernando. confronted in Reynosa  against the Zetas. always entrusted the holy death. She Kept a thought “pure pa’delante Send” Tony Tormenta Working and  finally with the M3

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