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The Warriors Jalisco Cartel New Generation

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May 31, 2013

The New Generation Jalisco Cartel (CJNG) transmits this communication to the society of Guerrero and Michoacán so you all know the purpose of this war is against the filthy Knights Templar. As in the previous statements several people have asked why this war, this warfare is not against society, so dont be alarmed, this war is against those individuals. Many people are tired of so many injustices committed by these rats that engaged in kidnapping and extortion.

Tuta, , , you say in your speech that the group of rats you command like el chayo, el kiki Plancarte; they are not narco traffickers, but also they are not a cartel and that they are not part of organized crime and that’s clear, because a narco trafficker does not engaged in stealing land or charge fees to all the people who work, yet you charge the aguacateros(Avacado dealers) a peso for every kilo of the mouth that packs it, who transports it, the taxi drivers, bus drivers, entrepreneurs, grocery stores, and even the lemon dealers you charge them a quota.
Dont you see the consequences, they have killed innocent people to take their land, their gardens and livestock. people are tired of so many of these injustices, except they dont speak up because of fear, but we, who are originally from Guerrero and Michoacán, we are witnesses of these anomalies made by you the Knights Templar.
We warriors of Jalisco New Generation cartel are fighting for this cause not to govern but we do it for Michoacán and Guerrero and to put an end by killing all these evils so we have peace and tranquility in these states. We then regain our homes, our land and our livestock; we avenge our families.
To all the innocent people who have been unjustly killed and robbed, we are the a proud cartel, The New Generation Jalisco Cartel. We dont dedicate our time to kidnapping or extorting, this why you Mr. President Enrique Peña Nieto and the governor of Guerrero, Aguirre Agel Rivero, with all due respect, we ask to let us do our job, to end with these scourges and after we finish with these evils and finish our work, you can then act according to law against us because we are drug dealers and belong to a cartel but we do not accept nor will we tolerate these injustices by the Knights Templar.
To all those who work with the Knights Templar prepare yourselves for the consequences, we know that the local police chief of the union of Guerrero Jaime Suástegui receives a monthly payroll of 120 thousand pesos for you and your officers by the Knights Templar. All municipal police in Michoacán receives a payroll according to El Aria. So I ask Marine Captain Ivan Garcia Alvarez to let us work because we know who works with the Knights Templar. We also ask the lieutenants; Seiana Espinosa Cortes, Fernando Alvarado Betancourt and sergeant of the 2nd infantry of Guerrero, Oliver Vargas not to intervene and let us to continue the work in cleaning Guerrero and Michoacán for the good of society and our families. We are going in with everything, going for you ‘pear makers in Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa plan for you Chano Riola, for Beto Bravo aka the hawk, for the boss of the plaza in Zihuatanejo Juan Magaña, Adrián Reyes cárdenas alias el tigre
Also for you Canelo, El Cachete, El Arcángel, El Vico, El Mando, El Wigan, Felipe and Edgar Gutierrez  aka ‘the golden boy.’ And those who are in charge of  Petatlán, for El Alfa and La Comadre who are boss of El Gavilan. You arent going to just fight with El Puma anymore but also with us bastards.
The New Generation Jalisco Cartel,  you’re now going to know what a war is and we ask the public prosecutor of Zihuatanejo and Petatlán to simply do your job and dont tangle with the Knights Templar because we agree with the ideals of Señor Lucio Cabañas Barrientos that many years ago he fought for the injustices of Guerrero and that is why we ask our comrades who are in San luis la loma, Coahuayutla, Etatlán, La Union, Feliciano, La Salada, Coyuquilla, Petacalco and Las tama. All the villages dont lower your guard and hit em with everything you got because the victory is ours.
Knights Templar dont worry about looking for us because we will find you, we are ready,  The Warriors Jalisco Cartel New Generation.





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