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Reporters are Arrested and Taken to PGR Offices for Photographing Zetas Banner

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May 26, 2013


The Zetas message

“Aun quedamos los mejores y los mas preparados, los zetas seguimos presentes.”


“We, the best and better prepared are still here, We Los zetas remain present”


Oaxaca, Oax.- Alberto Lopez Bello and Jacobo Robles, reporters of police section of the newspaper “El Imparcial” of Oaxaca, were arrested at dusk of this Saturday when they were photographing a banner placed allegedly by members of the organized crime on the pedestrian bridge of the municipality of San Antonio de la Cal, over the federal highway 175 Oaxaca – Puerto Escondido.

The reasoning of the uniform men, officers of the State Police (PE) leaded by secretary of branch, Marco Tulio Lopez Escamilla, was that the journalists had been the first to arrive to the scene and that is why they surrounded them.

Despite that the journalists identified themselves as workers of the aforementioned newspaper, the police officers detained, then forcedly transferred them to the headquarters of the State Police, located on the nearby municipality of Santa Maria Coyotepec.

They confiscated their photography equipment, cell phones and their motorcycles; besides, they were processed and mugshot photographed front and sideways for the formation of a file; which means that they were “put on criminal record” as if they were delinquent.

Later, the reporters of the newspaper “El Imparcial” were send to the office of the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR), where later were released.

Alberto Lopez Bello, reporter of police news and Robles, photographer/reporter, announced that in the morning of this Saturday, they found a “narco banner” on the pedestrian bridge of Conalep, on Avenue Simbolos Patrios, same banner that they tried to photographed when they were arrested by officers of State Police.

Social media was on fire with comments from angry citizens, below are a few:

@sniperoax 2h
narco banner allusive to criminal group appears on the pedestrian bridge of Conalep, near Simbolos Patrios

@sniperoax 2h
Reporters were arrested by state pólice when they arrived for photographing the narco banner

@sniperoax 2h
Reporters were on disposition of PGR, for arriving at the site to do their journalistic job

@sniperoax 2h
People don’t just have to be cautious of the bad guys, but also of the police who do not protect the job of the media

@lopezallende1 6h
@GabinoCue Mr. Governor, two reporters were arrested for doing their journalistic job!! IT IS NOT FAIR!! @SrioSegOax

@sniperoax 2h
It is demonstrated that the credential Project for the media will not be good enough, if the basic is not respected, which is to inform


The reporters identified themselves with the state police, and despite that, they were arrested, what happened @SrioSegOax where is the respect?

@Betillocruz 1h
The reporters of El Imparcial were released this morning, but PGR confiscated their cell phones, cameras and motorcycles


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