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Will ‘Fast and Furious’ End in Obama Impeachment?

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May. 19, 2013

Is Obama Impeachment Likely?

The media is full of stories about how the Obama administration abused its power by unleashing the much feared IRS to harass conservative, Jewish, and church groups, seized AP reporter phone records, and covered-up gross incompetence and a pattern of lying to the American people about Benghazi. Speculation is rampant that one of these three scandals will end in Obama impeachment. However, barely mentioned recently is another potentially even more explosive scandal, ‘fast and furious’, in which our own government sold over 2,000 assault rifles to Mexican drug cartels, which were later used to kill two border patrol agents and dozens of Mexicans, many of whom were not involved in the drug trade. With four major scandals emerging, it seems likely that one or more will result in an effort at Obama impeachment.

Will Fast and Furious End in Obama Impeachment?

Univision performed some outstanding investigative journalism (watch here) , in which they exposed rampant incompetence in a ‘gun walking’ operation, in which assault rifles were allowed to be sold to Mexican drug cartels.

‘Gun walking’ is nothing new, but in this case over 2,000 assault rifles were allowed to ‘walk’ without any tracking devices or monitoring whatsoever. The Mexican government was not even told. Not surprisingly, nearly all of these weapons ended up in the hand of the Sinaloa drug cartel, and soon started being found at crime scenes. When ‘fast and furious’ resulted in the murder of CBP Officer Brian Terry, an investigation was triggered which eventually led back to the Obama Justice Department, and a Congressional investigation.

Brian Terry Obama Impeachment

CBP Agent Brian Terry – killed in the line of duty by Mexican drug cartel with weapon sold by the Obama DOJ

Will Abuse of Power in ‘Fast and Furious’ end in Obama Impeachment?

After over one year of foot-dragging by the Obama administration, Congress issued a subpoena for records which Obama’s Department of Justice had failed to provide despite numerous requests. Obama and Eric Holder defied the subpoena! When Congress was about to hold Eric Holder in contempt, Obama asserted sweeping executive privilege over all ‘fast and furious’ documents not already provided to Congress. Congress voted to hold Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, and consistent with Obama’s DOJ pervasive contempt for the ‘rule of law’ the district attorney responsible for prosecuting criminal contempt of Congress refused to prosecute Eric Holder. Congress took the matter to court in a civil case to force compliance with a valid subpoena.

The case was recently heard by U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who sharply questioned the attorney for Obama administration, and appeared extremely skeptical. Judge Jackson was appointed by Obama, which underlines just how outlandish Obama’s claim of executive privilige are. Deputy Assistant Attorney General Ian Gershengorn sought to have the case dismissed, claiming the judicial branch has no role:

“That lack of a judicial role is a deliberate part of the constitutional structure. It has been messy. It has been contentious. It has been political … but it has worked,

a claim which was met with extreme skepticism by Judge Jackson, who responded:

“You keep talking about the two [branches] as if the third one isn’t there,”

Nixon Tried the Same Executive Privilege Strategy as Obama and Lost Badly

Richard Nixon

President Richard Nixon – claimed executive privilege and lost. Resigned 15 days later.

Obama impeachment

President Obama – claims sweeping executive privilege, far broader than Nixon!

Nixon tried a similar strategy during Watergate (see United States v. Nixon), arguing that secret recordings of all his Oval Office conversations were protected under the executive privilege concept that originated with George Washington. The Supreme Court confirmed the concept of executive privilege, then narrowed executive privilege greatly, and ordered Nixon to turn over the tapes, stating the compelling interests in criminal prosecutions outweighed the president’s need for confidentiality in discussions with aides.

15 days later Nixon resigned. Now Obama is trying the same strategy, except Obama seeks to assert much broader executive privilege than Nixon did, and for communications in which he wasn’t even part of!

Obama and Eric Holder know they will ultimately lose in court, but after months of delay, appeals, etc. and the inevitable court order would come after Obama’s reelection. It’s apparent this was a ‘hail Mary’ pass to forestall the inevitable disclosures until after the election last November.

Just as Nixon and Clinton were able to temporarily obscure various scandals from public view until reelected, sooner or later the truth always emerges.

Will there be an Obama Impeachment?

There are four major scandals with a steady drip-drip-drip of embarassing revelations, and any one of these scandals could lead to an Obama impeachment. Impeachment won’t happen today, tomorrow, or even next month, but its apparent the situation is spiraling out of control for the Obama administration.

With dropping popularity likely with the Obamacare ‘train wreck’ on the horizon, it seems likely impeachment or resignation may result before Obama’s second term is finished, just as predicted by Governor Mike Huckabee.



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