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Mayhem in Monterrey: 8 die

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May 21, 2013
A total of eight individuals were killed in ongoing drug and gang related violence in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, according to Mexican press reports.

According to a news report which appeared on the website of Milenio news daily, a local drug gang leader identified only as El Cuervo, and four of his security detail were gunned down in a gunfight Tuesday afternoon.

The incident took place between elements of the Nuevo Leon state Policia Minsterial and the armed group at around 1740 hrs in the Cumbres sector of Monterrey, near the intersection of Avenida Leones and Calle Pedro Infante.

According to the report, the armed group opened fire on the police detail which then initiated a pursuit which then ended in an exchange of gunfire. El Cuervo was in charge of a criminal group in northern sectors of the city.

According to a Facebook posting by the Mexican security blogger Codigo Rojo Laguna, El Cuervo was a Los Zetas operative

Two other individuals were killed in separate incidents in Monterrey.

  • Two unidentified men were shot to death and a female was seriously wounded in a shooting in a bar in Guadalupe municipality Tuesday evening. According to a news account which appeared in Milenio, two marmed suspects entered the Texas bar near the intersection of Avenida Pablo Livas and Camino Real and opened fire on the victims, then fled the scene.
  • A 17 year old youth was shot to death in Guadalupe municipality Monday night. Luis Alberto Ortiz Mireles, 17, and another adult male, Jose Felipe Tello Lopez, 38, were shot by armed suspects who were traveling in a van in Las Sabinitas colony.
  • An unidentified man was shot and wounded Monday night at a bar in Monterrey. The victim was waiting to leave El Cielo bar by bus near the corner of calles Arteaga and Amado Nervo when he was shot three times.




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