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Illegal aliens charged with gang-raping woman in Alabama

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May 22, 2013


On Monday, Baldwin County sheriff’s deputies arrested Antonio Flores and Castillejos Martinez after they reportedly grabbed a woman and sexually assaulted her a day earlier.

Antonio Flores and Castillejos Martinez

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The assault occurred in a mobile home park in Foley.

The victim walked out of a trailer and was grabbed by the pair, who immediately began fondling her, according to police.

The illegal aliens then dragged the victim into a nearby trailer where she was repeatedly assaulted for some time.

Baldwin County Sheriff’s Deputy Maj. Anthony Lowery said: “They were neighbors to her or lived in the same general area that she lived in at the time. ”

Fox 10 reported:

A third illegal immigrant was also implicated in the crime.

Adalberto Esteban-Peralta was arrested and charged with burglary third, after witnesses said he broke into the home to watch.

Both Flores and Castillejos have been charged with first-degree sex abuse, sodomy, and also third-degree burglary.

All three are currently being held at the Baldwin County Corrections Center on immigration detainers.

A few days before this violent attack, another woman was reportedly gang-raped by a pair of illegal aliens in Mobile, Ala.

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