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Three Reported Killed in Ambush of Jesús Carrasco

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May 9, 2013


It was reported that at least three sicarios were killed as a result of the confrontation that occurred this morning on the highway Mexico 15 in Los Mochis, Sinaloa. The sicarios were killed in the Coloradito fishing camp, near El Huitusi, Guasave.
The criminals attempted to flee aboard a boat when they were confronted by police.


It was established that police commander Jesus Carrasco was the main target of the attack.
The police commander reported that there were at least 100 sicarios that participated in the assault while heavily armed.
It was reported that one of the armored truck used in the attack fled southbound on highway Mexico 15 while other vehicles fled in different directions; some went towards the town of Batamote, others went in the direction of town Ruiz Cortines and yet another fled toward the direction of Huitusi.

Carrasco said that he and his bodyguards were traveling in an armored white Dodge Ram style Pick truck that resulted totally burned from impacts from explosives. An unexplode grenade was found underneath the vehicle

At least one Ahome police officer was killed at the scene and another resulted wounded. The police officer that lost his life was identified as Julian Dima Soto from Olas Altas and had joined the department in 1999.

The incident occurred around 0715 hours on Highway Mexico 15 close to the town Adolfo Ruiz Cortines when the commander was heading from Los Mochis, Culiacan for a meeting.

 According to Carrasco Pérez about a hundred gunmen attacked using at least three armored trucks and conventional vehicles.

Carrasco explained that the attackers used grenades and long rifles that included a Barret. Two of the armored truck were using some of these high caliber weapon while mounted on tripods in the back of the beds. One of the trucks had markings from a beer company.

Police reported that in a female was injured while sustaining gunshot wounds as the result of the confrontation. Sources at the scene reported that there were at least three police units that resulted with damaged from the gunfire and explosives.

Carrasco had received threats through a Facebook account as reported in Borderland Beat under the name of “Mochomera Mochis”, where the commander is accused of being involved in drug sales in the north zone.

In the facebook account, that was apparently removed today from the internet, they published a photograph which shows six young men who look to be alive and tied up, but their bodies were later found on Saturday April 20 inside a Cherokee near the vicinity of Los Mochis. This was reported with a lot of detail in the BB Forum.

When the police commander was interviewed by the media he accused the police of Guasave of collusion with organized crime because, he said, at the time of the attack he saw two patrol unit that did not assists during the ambush, instead fled the scene.



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