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San Juan Mayor ambushed, shot and killed in Mixtepec, Oaxaca

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March 24, 2013


This morning they were ambushed and killed the mayor of San Juan Mixtepec, Feliciano Bautista Martinez, and Polycarp Regino police in a way that population located in the Mixteca region.

Oaxaca’s government confirmed that this armed attack caliber weapons were used AK-47.



The events took place around 2:30 pm today, when the mayor and the police circulated a Nissan truck with license plates from the state of Puebla, on the stretch of highway Juxtlahuaca at Meson de Guadalupe, at the height of the deviation Santo Domingo El Progreso, in San Juan Mixtepec.

Experts from the State Attorney’s Office, who conducted the proceedings in the area, they realized that the Mayor of San Juan Mixtepec had a firearm injury in the left temple, while the policeman was hit in the chest the height of the left breast.

In the area of ​​the murder caliber shell casings were found 7.62, corresponding to an AK47 caliber weapon.

The bodies were raised and mobilized to break municipal Santiago Juxtlahuaca unit to perform the autopsy personnel of the Public Ministry of the Attorney General of Justice of the Mixteca Region, in charge of Mr. Victor Alonso Altamirano.

Alonso Altamirano is in charge of the investigation, with the help of Commander Antonio Carrillo, head of the State Investigation Agency in that district.



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