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Zetas and CDG: Execution Videos

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February 23, 2013

This is a horrific execution video, that begins with a man alive and tied.  His torture begins with fingers being sliced from his hand and then decapitated live.  The video has already been removed from several domains….Needless to say this is

to view video you must elect to continue to the second page.
The following is an additional video that some of you have been writing and asking for.  This is the Zetas execution of 3 Gulfo
The video opens to a scene with eight sicarios dressed in fatigues standing behind three kneeling men. The hands of the doomed men are tied behind their backs and blindfolded.
The narrator states that his group are members of Letra. (Zs) and they are there to kill CDG whores. He interrogates the men and asks their names and who they work for, they answer;
Nelson Mora Ornelas, Antonio del Ángel Fernández, y Edgar Sánchez Pérez, and replied they are with the Gulfo Cartel (CDG)
They were asked what information they knew of the Gulfo Cartel.  They stated the name of Raúl Cortés alias El Rápido who was identified as the plaza boss in Manuela, San Antonio and Rayon, all cities in Tamaulipas.
They further stated they knew that a man named Alejandro Cortés Pérez as the person who was in charge of money laundering, and Ramón Cortés Pérez, Julio César Cortés García, Víctor García alias La Máquina as boss of recompenses (I think)
Mr. Big says to the camera: Look here whore golfos, here we have your fucking people, this is going to happen to all those who goes against the letra, especially Vigilantes Mante and Gulf Cartel. (See Vigilantes Mante Link Here ) They are an anonymous group using social networks to inform of narco activities.
After the shout out, Letra Sicarios immediately begin beheading the three Golfos who react with unimaginable screams of terror.

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