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Acuña: Violence Erupts 5 Dead While Strange Manta Appears

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January 22, 2013 | Borderland Beat ReporterChivis

by Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat
update and correction of manta text

Violence erupted in the city of Acuña, Coahuila yesterday. People near the scene report the shootout that began at 5:15 AM soldiers were clashing with organized crime gunmen. Ciudad Acuña lies back to back with the Texas border city of Del Rio.
In the early morning hours a military convoy was patrolling the southern outskirt of the city, when a white Dodge Durango carrying armed gunmen was spotted by soldiers. Attempts to pull over the Durango failed ensuing in a chase through the San Antonio Colonia and ending at Lazaro Cardenas.
The gunmen then initiated a shootout which commenced at the intersections of 20 of November and Alvaro Obregon streets and continued for 90 minutes.
Five were killed in the shootout and one injured, four gunmen died at the scene a fifth subsequently died of his injuries at the IMSS hospital in Acuña.


Acuña was the scene of the Lalo Moreira murder in October, 2012. Lalo is the son of former Coahuila Governor and National PRI party chairman, Humberto Moreira.

One soldier was seriously injured in the conflict and was transferred to the larger city of Piedras Negras via helicopter. Piedras Negras is 80 miles east and is adjacent to Eagle Pass Texas.

Los Zetas cartel are in control of the Ciudad Acuña plaza.

Meanwhile, also in Acuna, a perplexing and ominous manta (banner) appeared on the pedestrian bridge of Emilio Mendoza Cisneros which directed to a “Jesus” secretary of public safety.

Strange is why the manta, which address Zacatecas issues, were hanged in Acuna. I was able to get a clear view of the text and the Jesus referred to in the manta is secretary Jesus Pinto Ortiz.

The banner includes the photographs of three unidentified people, but one I have identified as the secretary. I have placed notes in quotation marks to try and give clarity to the confusing text. (Pinto Ortiz is in the photo below)
The message reads:
“You took the war to Zacatecas [ I believe this refers to the City of Zacatecas]. [but]The war was against the State,[ now referring to the state].
You brag about being the one who decides the direction of the war and took it to Zacatecas. lying and supporting golfos of the State, because they declared it themselves and there is proof about it; we’ll see how you answer the citizens for the consequences; deputy, afterwards don’t ask about why we don’t rob or kidnap, we have rules and we work in our thing [meaning drug trafficking etc but not kidnapping or rob].

The photos are of the people guilty of stealing and kidnapping. (other mantas say the photos are managers/whores you have chosen)

Attentively, The Letter”

Thank you to TexPat and friends in Acuña
and Texcoco for new photos


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