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“La Guera Loca” decapitates an alleged Zeta

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Several narco blogs have recently released a video showing a young blond haired woman decapitating a man whose head and hands are bound with what appears to be duct tape.

It is unknown where and when the 14 minute video was made.

During the video you can hear unidentified men advise the woman on how to perform the beheading, as well as their concerns that the event be documented properly on video.

As the woman continues severing the victim’s head with a machete, you can hear an unidentified man refer to her as “La Guera Loca” (the crazy blond), another man says “This is what happens to those who help the Zetas”.

After the woman finishes the decapitation and briefly poses with the head as a trophy, others begin to dismember the victim’s body and skin the face and skull.

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